Welcome to Our Ranch

or is it a farm? No,, May be a Zoo! Ya That's It, A ZOO!

Sometimes it seems that way, with a Dog and Now Only 2 Cats.

We had 3 dogs and 9 cats at one time... Yikes

From just outside Durango, Colorado is where Quilts By Cindy Operates from, in our clean air, smoke free home. Have a look around and Enjoy your stay at our Southwest Colorado Home. We are on 40 acres, we have the La Plata River running through the property, a pond and a spring, that can be lots of water, this can also make for Mud Dogs and messy floors. We also are fortunate enough to have a nesting pair of Red Tail Hawks, they hunt our fields from the Ponderosa behind the house, there are always Dear feeding in the field and there are many Redtail Fox around..

Summer Looking West at the southwest type house, sun reflecting off the pond in mid summer. Late Fall Looking West again across the pond late fall.

This site is a collection of photos from around our place year round, many of the Kids (cats & dogs) doing what they do best. There are also many Sunsets Both Winter & Summer taken from our place and May-be a Rainbow.


Before the Pond.

Looking West at the shop and house before the pond.


Sunrise? Sunset? What do you think?

Misty kind of red orange sunset with a dark for ground outline of the trees and bushs and mountains in the back ground.Another beautiful sunset over the top of the trees.

Felix the cat walking back and forth with his head down thinking! Sunset? Sunrise?

Sunset! Without a doubt a Sunset.

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Misty winter sunset with the sun visible in the clouds and snow over the open field.

Well Ok All Ready, Come On In and Visit.

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