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FAQ's Just For You

QQ's - Quilt Questions Too!

Here are some questions we hear most offten. Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have.


Q - Do I e-mail the photos to you or send them by mail and you send them back with the quilt?

A - Yes Please send them in the mail and we will return with the Photo Quilt, Pictures come out better

Q - How long will it take to make a quilt with family pictures on it. also How big would the quilt be and what would be the pricing?

A - I charge $14.00 for one 8x10 or two 5x7 or four 3x4 pictures.  The size will depend on how big you want it to be, any where from a wall hanging 30x40 to king sizes.  The price for the quilt will depend on how big and how many picture you want on the quilt. How long will depend on how many I am working on and again how big the quilt will be.

Q - Do I send you a deposit or pay in full up front? 

A - We require 50% down to get the project started, the remainder when finished

Q - How long does it take for you to make a personalized picture quilt? or create a photo quilt?

A - The quilt would take one and a half to three months to complete after I have receive the down payment and all the pictures, depending on the size, how many photos and how technical it is.

Q - I was wondering if you could help me with a quilt for my husband- he's a huge Dallas Mavericks fan and I'd love to get a quilt with their logo

A - Sorry, but the Mavericks logo is a copyright item, if you can get written permission from them then I can make the quilt

Q - Could you please tell me about what do you charge for a wedding dress quilt? Thank you Danielle

A - The cost will depend on the size of quilt you want, how much material I have to add to the quilt, what design you would like, and the time involved.  I would need the size and design before I can give you an estimate

Q - I have several quilt blocks that my grandma made, I'd love to have a two quilts made from these blocks to give to my kids, I know nothing about quilting, is this something you can do?

A - Yes we can take your blocks and make a quilts from them.

Q - Hello, I was wondering the price of the wedding dress quilts. The wedding dress quilts on your website are very pretty. I would like to do something like that to my dress. If you can email me back with prices. That would be great. Thanks Paige

A - The price to make a quilt will depend on how much extra material I will need to make the quilt, the size you want the quilt to be finished, what style of quilt you want it made in.  The dress on the net I only add batting and backing the cost on that one was $1200.00. 

Q - I am very interested into turning my Wedding dress into a quilt. Do you have other pictures/samples of wedding dress quilts other then the ones posted

A - I am sorry but that's the best we could do on pictures, even the women that ordered the quilt couldn't get me a better picture.  White is very hard to take pic's of.   What I do is completely take the dress apart and then sew the pieces randomly on a backing using different stitches on my machine.  I send pictures of the different stitches that my machine does and I send you to a thread site on the web to pick out which ones you would like.   If you have an idea on how you would like your dress made in to a  quilt I can do it that way also.

Q - What do you do with a wedding gown from the 70's that has yellowed, but would like a baby quilt ?   What are the prices?   Thanks

A - If you can wash the dress in water soak it in OxiClean this might take the yellow out, if it's not washable then take it to the cleaners and see if they can get it clean for you.   The price will depend on if I need to add any material to the quilt and how large you would like it.  I would also need to know how you would like it made up.

Q - I have been invited to a wedding in August and the bride wants a king size double wedding ring quilt done in rose pinks and greens on a white background with silver binding and matching pillow shams.  I simply don't have time to make it for them. Please advise if you could make this for me.  I am getting desperate

A - Yes, I could make this for you, the price would be around $1500.00 this is for machine quilting.  I would need you to go to your local paint store and get paint samples in the colors you would like, this way I can match the fabric.  I require half down to start.   Cindy

Q - We have some clothes that were my father in laws and we would like to get two throws made from his clothing.  We have several shirts and pants.  I would also like to somehow incorporate some photo’s into the pattern if possible?  Is this something that you would be able to create?